The DM5 Draft Beer Meter

DN5 Draught Beer Meter

The DM5 Draught Beer Meter is an accurate, flexible and economical solution to draught product stock problems. Created from the need to accurately monitor volumes actually paid for, the DM5 ensures you have the exact information to help prevent fraud, cut down wastage and improve profits.

  • The DM5 may be used with beers, lagers, wine and soft drinks.
  • The DM5 has a clear easy to read display and shows accurate dispense count.
  • The DM5 Draft Beer Meter has a unique electronic manager key for security, calibration and setting.
  • The DM5 is flexible from one line to multiple line applications.

DM5 Beer Meter Specifications

Toronto Hospitality is the exclusive Ontario distributor of The DM5 Draft Beer Meter